From market to table

Come and join me for a week of total immersion in the French lifestyle.
Pick up a straw basket and each morning we will visit a traditional market and learn how to select the best produce.

In France gastronomy and life rime with markets and it is a vital event held on the main square of the town.
It’s where one can find the best farmer’s food products, and it is essential to catch up with the local gossip.

We will get our inspiration for our menu as we are shopping together according to the seasonal products.

You will learn to cook in a spontaneous manner, to create food which is colourful, fresh, light, healthy and delicious.

The Lot-et-Garonne is a true foodie’s paradise. It is a world of hills and valleys, orchards of peaches, plums and apples, hazelnuts and walnuts. The Gascony cuisine is world famous and notable specialties include the prune from Agen, the tomato from Marmande, white asparagus, strawberries, not forgetting gastronomical delights such as foie-gras, duck confit, ceps.

The area is surrounded by the vineyards from Bordeaux, Bergerac, Cahors and Armagnac, said to be the oldest eau de vie in France; Throughout your stay you will be sampling these beautiful wines.

It’s France at his best: authenticity, great quality of life, tradition and hospitability.

About your chef and hostess

SYLVIE PRAGOUT, born and brought up in the Cognac region in Southwest France, studied English language at Bordeaux university. Her love for travelling and sailing took her overseas and she started her cooking career as a chef on luxury yachts. Back on land, she settled in the eighties in Ireland where she opened her first restaurant in Kinsale, The Gourmet capital of Ireland, soon to receive listings in several food guides including the Michelin.

Another venture took her to Ibiza, Spain, where she opened her second restaurant and developed her interest in Mediterranean cuisine. Then she spent another four years teaching the Mediterranean cooking course at a renowned cooking school in Tuscany.

Finally back in Southwest France, she has been running successfully her own cooking school since 2007, welcoming each year guest from all countries and sharing with them her knowledge and passion for good food.